Door to Door

Door to Door

We can offer a dedicated express Door to Door service in Sweden and across Europe for packages, documents, pallets and non-standard shipments.

Door to Door is the perfect option when you have a time critical shipment placed on pallets or when the goods is simply needed to go from one place or another as fast as possible.

If the shipment doesn’t fit on a pallet, we can put together a special solution based on our available load capacity.

We use own trucks and for extra safety the cargo always goes directly from A to B without being reloaded.

Weekend Express uses our own delivery vehicles in the Door to Door service. If the shipment is small but still time curtail we suggest our global Courier Service.

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The Details

Service Center

Call our service center and get instant access to an operator that helps you schedule the transport. Price proposition and time estimation for the shipment is presented during the call and an email will be sent out for acceptance.

Service center provides you with all assistance needed to schedule the shipment based on your input.

During the call to the Service Center we will send out a form to your email. In the form, we request all necessary information that enables an efficient and safe booking that also minimizes the risks of errors in the transport chain of your transport.


Companies pay by invoice, after approval by our finance department, or by card when we arrive for pickup.

The payment option for individuals is by card when we arrive for pickup.

frequent shipments

We can offer a different pricing on our express delivery if you have packages and goods that are sent on regular basis or periodically at high frequency. Call us and together we will find a solution that suits your requests.


For extra safety we have the possibility to monitor the delivery car live via GPS tracking when using our Door to Door services.

More services

Weekend Service Route

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  • Print
  • Hand in

Join our Weekend Service Route that connects Denmark with Sweden. Send packages from Friday to Sunday all weekends troughout the year.

Daily Express

  • Call
  • We collect
  • We deliver

Join our Daily Express and make sure your own operations runs as smooth as possible with constant access to materials and supplies.

Courier Service

  • Call
  • Book
  • We collect

Our hand to hand global express Courier Service is an exclusive service for valuable or time-critical transports such as documents and spare-parts.

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